ADDED:  November 7, 2019
MODEL:  Crissy Moran
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  21 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Here's a set from the weekend shoot we did with Crissy, Mindy Vega and Claudia Verela down in Marathon in the Florida Keys.  What a weekend it was, shooting and hanging out during the day at a friend's oceanfront home surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on 3 sides of the property (which was kind of on its own peninsula), with a pool and large deck.  At night, we'd make the trip down to Key West, and hang out at the various pubs, drawing a big crowd wherever we went.  It was the start of Fantasy Fest, so inhibitions were low, and titties were out.  It was a weekend never to be forgotten.

ADDED:  November 6, 2019
MODEL:  Megan
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  36 photos, 1000 x 1500 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  We have such a limited amount of photos of Megan, being that we only shot her one afternoon at the home of a good friend here in Tampa.  This is part 2 of our first gallery, the first shots we took together, starting with her in a bikini.  The top comes off, and we see her near perfectly augmented breasts with the also perfect nipples, small and pink.  We never shot total nudes of Megan, sad to say, so this is as good as it gets, which is still pretty darned good.  She's pretty and classy, our Megan.

ADDED:  November 5, 2019
MODEL:  Janet Layug
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Pink Bikini 1
SIZE:  31 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  If you pinned me down to name ONE model we've photographed that is the most beautiful, I'd be hard pressed to not pick the incredible Janet Layug.  We've photographed her for a couple calendars, and she's absolutely as stunning and breathtaking in person as she is in the photos.  AND she's incredibly nice and sweet.  Janet is half Asian, being Filipino and Polish, which explains her exotic good looks.  She's quite tall, probably 5'8", and has since gone into a career in fitness, obtaining her IFBB pro card to compete in the bikini division.  Everywhere she's been, she's done incredibly well.  She has been in several Hooters calendars, representing Lakeland, Florida, her hometown, and went on to become Miss Hooters International, competing against other Hooters calendar girls from around the world.  She's also very bright, and has a nursing degree.  We've always loved Janet, and she's definitely in our Hall of Fame.

ADDED:  November 4, 2019
MODEL:  Marisa Matthews
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Red Rock Canyon 1
SIZE:  28 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  This is probably my favorite set we ever shot of Marisa Matthews, and was when we traveled to Las Vegas along with Mary Alejo, and met several other models there for shoots during the grand opening week of the Playboy Club.  Mary and Marisa and I went out to Red Rock Canyon, and shot these images among the gorgeous rocky terrain.  I always felt Marisa looked her best here.  While she got much more fit and shredded when she was doing fitness modeling, I preferred this athletic look that was a bit softer.  Everything about Marisa is just jaw dropping in these photos, to us at JuicyMag.  The blue eyes and blonde hair.  The full lips outlining her perfect white teeth smile.  Her large breasts bursting out of the top.  Her tan stomach and legs glistening with sweat.  Marisa has always been in our top 5 of all the models we've ever photographed, and oh to go back and do it again.  We should have captured video and lots more images while we had her on our radar.

ADDED:  November 3, 2019
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  80 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Now that the NBA season has started, I thought we'd put up a basketball themed set for your viewing pleasure.  Joy is an all natural cutie with the kind of body that could be right at home in the free love 60's or today.  She's fit and trim, but not overly so in either regard.  Just a sexy body that looks great in clothes and naked too!  This is a pretty large gallery, and this is set 1 of 3 shot in the studio.  Joy is wearing a barely there cut off wife beater tank top and some short white shorts with tube socks and a basketball at her side.  We catch a lot of underboob of her literally spectacular natural breasts, nice c-cup boobs with perfect nipples.  The last 3 images show almost her entire breasts, and she gets completely topless in sets 2 and 3, while wearing a micro thong.

ADDED:  November 2, 2019
MODEL:  Angie and April
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  35 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Here's a set we shot for a calendar a few years back of a set of very busty and fit twins here in Florida.  They ripped up their t-shirts to barely cover their extra large topside.  These identical twins are very petite, workout daily, and turn heads wherever they go.  After all, isn't 2 better than 1?

ADDED:  November 1, 2019
MODEL:  Sherri Gulley
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Balcony 2
SIZE:  32 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  JuicyMag's most popular brunette is back for part 2 of the Balcony gallery!  She's all over tan and all over fit.  She's got the body and face and personality to match.  She's larger than life.  She's the one and only, Sherri Gulley.  An all time favorite and timeless beauty.  She's smart, funny and will  you under the table, and then get up on the table and dance like it's nobody's business.  Here's Sherri, totally nude basking in the Florida sunshine on the balcony of a condo near downtown Tampa.

ADDED:  October 31, 2019
MODEL:  Heather Mir
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  70 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Heather was a fitness and boot camp instructor, and I'm not sure if I'd want to get on her bad side.  She is a very tall, very thickly muscled warrior woman who could probably have her way with most men.  These images were shot outside the studio in the common area by the stairs of the turn of the century building where we were located.  Charity Hodges, Marisa Matthews, the Gibson sisters and many more models were photographed here.  Heather Mir is Red Sonja incarnate.  She's gone on to become a college professor in the northeast, we believe.

ADDED:  October 30, 2019
MODEL:  Claudia
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Fireplace 1
SIZE:  65 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Claudia is the most flexible of any model to ever pose for our cameras.  This sexy Latina hits poses that are literally impossible for most models, bending and stretching her limber body into all kinds of sexy positions.  She has traveled with us to south Florida and Atlantic City for shoots, and is one of the most chill girls you'll ever meet.  We got pulled over by the Highway Patrol in her SUV with  windows, and she easily talked her way out of a ticket.  She has that way about her.  Everyone just instantly likes Claudia, and we sure like her! 

ADDED:  October 28, 2019
MODEL:  Kiera Adams
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Back in Black 1
SIZE:  24 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Kiera Adams is a Hooters International contestant and Hooters calendar model here in Florida, and her ultra curvy body and gorgeous face made for a fun shoot.  She's quite busty, so it's hard to decide where you're going stare when looking at this hottie.  Her luscious, full lips?  The beautifully inviting eyes?  The sexy hips?  Or is it her ample bust, spilling out of the bikini top like they refuse to be contained?  We love the entire package!

ADDED:  October 25, 2019
MODEL:  Christine Lemaster
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Back in Black 1
SIZE:  34 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Christine Lemaster is one of the most stunningly beautiful brunettes ever to have rocked a bikini in Florida, and her busty, athletic build makes any photograph pop. We brought her in to model for a t-shirt line, True Sin, and asked if she's stay to take some photos in bikinis. Boy are we glad she agreed! She changed into this black bikini, with a mesh top cover, at a big warehouse we used to use for shoots. The first thing you notice about Christine is that long, dark chestnut colored hair, and those soulful eyes. Then, you can't help but stare at the sexy, fit body, with just enough muscle, and not too overly lean curves. You're instantly jealous of the man who marries this beauty. 

ADDED:  October 23, 2019
MODEL:  Mindy Vega
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Red Skirt 1
SIZE:  32 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  The petite Latina herself, Mindy Vega, made a trip down to Marathon Key from Miami to shoot with us and to get some photos for her website.  The lighting on this set was so ideal to accentuate her tight little 5' tall, 85 lb. body.  We shot these at a friend's house that sits directly on the Atlantic Ocean, with his property surrounded on 3 sides by water.  It was nearly destroyed by a hurricane a couple years ago, which was so sad to hear.  Mindy went out with Crissy Moran and the rest of us a couple nights in Key West to have fun at the beginning of Fantasy Fest, which was a blast!

ADDED:  October 22, 2019
MODEL:  Christina Percival
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  In the Trees 1
SIZE:  50 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Here's the adorable and all natural British import, Christina Percival, stripping out of her cute little bikini during her shoot with us at a friend's mansion in Tampa on a lake.  Ah, those gorgeous breasts!  Perfect nipples and large C-cups for your viewing pleasure.  There is something about a nice set of naturals that really does it for us.  Christina gets totally nude in this set.  This hottie looks like a Disney star, but with a body built for pleasure.  Such a hottie!

ADDED:  October 21, 2019
MODEL:  Miscellaneous Models
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Casting Call 1
SIZE:  32 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  This was a casting call that had girls come in to take a few bikini photos.  We had 24 girls show up, and took a few photos of each girl.  This first group of 3 girls features Valerie Anne and Jessica Barton, and for some reason I cannot remember the name of the really cute and fit black girl from the east coast of Florida.  I'm on a mission to find her again, and see about setting up a shoot.

ADDED:  October 20, 2019
MODEL:  Charity Hodges
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  38 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Here is a gallery that has never been released to the public, featuring everyone's blonde "unicorn" Charity Hodges.  She's the one that seems to get the most attention of all the blondes I've photographed over the years, and while we talked a lot about shooting, we never put it together until she was almost leaving Florida for California.  I'd give anything to go back in time, and shoot with the gorgeous, petite and dizzyingly curvy Charity a few more times before she moved away.  We were trying to figure out the next gallery to shoot when I pulled out this caution tape, and the concept was born.  Really, it says it all about Charity.  You must use great caution when viewing a beauty with this kind of body or you'll possibly go  While I always shoot in camera raw using professional Canon cameras and lenses, which provides a full color image, I decided I wanted to turn this gallery into black and white for technical reasons.  I had some issues with varying white balance settings in this gallery, so this was the artistic solution to a technical problem.  I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did shooting it.

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