ADDED:  October 1, 2019
MODEL:  Marisa Matthews
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  45 photos, 2800 x 4200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  HUGE 2800 X 4200 PIXEL PHOTOS FOR ZOOMING PLEASURE!  Everyone's favorite Florida blonde (or is it a tie with Charity Hodges?) in the studio, wearing a tiny, pink lace bra and panties, and then takes off the bra to show us her big augmented breasts in a few implied topless shots.  Look for the NIPPLE SLIPS!!  Marisa's body, like that of CJ Gibson, is really fit and sexy.  Not over the top like a fitness competitor, but athletic and firm with great tone.  Marisa did go on to get even more ripped and fit in her later shoots for other photographers in Florida.  She's always been at the top of our list of favorite models.  She's beautiful, with a unique, exotic look rare for most gorgeous blonde models,  She's also goofy with a great laugh, and we enjoyed spending a lot of time with her over the years, taking her on a partying and shooting trip to Las Vegas several years ago.  Such good times!

ADDED:  September 30, 2019
MODEL:  Alair Lomman
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Border Patrol 2
SIZE:  50 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Tiny Alair Lomman is back with part 2 of her Border Patrol gallery.  This 4'8" tall ball of muscle and boobs doesn't have an ounce of fat on her fit little body.  She's a total MILF, and embraces her age by showing all the young girls that you are never too old to be extremely fit and sexy.  She's got some sexy augmented breasts that beg to be touched, and a bubble butt that you just want to grab onto.  There isn't a spinner this tiny that I've seen.  I've photographed a couple girls under 5' tall, but never 4'8" tall.  She seems taller when you meet her though.  Her personality is big, and her toned body makes her seem taller too.  We will add a video clip later this week of our shoot.

ADDED:  September 29, 2019
MODEL:  Scarlet Begonias
GALLERY NAME:  Border Patrol 1
SIZE:  1 minute, 37 seconds

DESCRIPTION:  The beautiful and all natural Scarlet posed at the shooting range wearing tactical gear, and stripped out of her clothes to reveal the sexiest all natural body imaginable.  This is the first video from our shoot.  We have Scarlet totally nude on the set in coming videos.

ADDED:  September 28, 2019
MODEL:  Jana Defi
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Black Swimsuit
SIZE:  42 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  The Czech busty superstar, Jana Defi, is back with another gallery showing off her enormous, natural boobs, spilling out of a one-piece swimsuit.  Jana went by the names Princessa and Maria Swan, but her awe inspiring curves was her real calling card.  There was once a rumor that her breasts were fake, but it was disproved during a filmed trip to a doctor for closer examination.  While we never got to examine them personally, I'd bet the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 lens used to shoot her that they are from Mother Nature.

ADDED:  September 26, 2019
MODEL:  Marisa Matthews
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  45 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  These are the first ever photos we took of Marisa back in 2006, when we were shooting a calendar for a client in Tampa.  I think we found her on Model Mayhem or One Model Place, and when she showed up, we were instantly in awe.  Her unique look is different than any other model we've ever met.  Her body was incredible, with an athletic build that makes it look like she could play sports at a high level.  Her smile is brilliant.  Her eyes are large and inviting.  Her lips are full and soft.  She's just a gorgeous Florida model that we've always considered a favorite.

ADDED:  September 22, 2019
MODEL:  Dina Al-Sabah
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  12 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Dina has been a great friend of ours since the late 1990's, before she became well known as one of the top pro fitness and figure stars in the world.  She's been on the stage at the Miss Olympia, coming very close to winning the Figure category, and has been on all the fitness and muscle magazine covers.  What's also unique about Dina is that she's from the royal family of Kuwait.  She's not only a solid 10, as beautiful as any girl we've ever seen, with a body that makes her look like she should be Wonder Woman, but she's brilliant.  She has 2 Master's degrees, including an MBA,  While we haven't seen Dina in several years, she's never far from our thoughts.

ADDED:  September 21, 2019
MODEL:  Angelina
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Ripped Jeans
SIZE:  46 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  London based housewife and model, Angelina, shot with us over 3 days, starting out clothed or in bikinis, and each shoot got more and more risque.  Here are the first images we shot of her topless, or partially topless.  Her olive skin and sexy accent stood out on Angelina, as did her eagerness to shoot sexier and sexier images.

ADDED:  September 20, 2019
MODEL:  Rachel Lynn
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Red Bikini 1
SIZE:  40 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Rachel Lynn is the perfect example of Florida bikini girls.  Fit, thin, blonde, blue eyed, busty and beautiful.  While Rachel didn't pose topless or nude, we think you'll enjoy these photos of her in a little red bikini that shows off her flawless body. 

ADDED:  September 19, 2019
MODEL:  Mary Alejo
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Red Rock Canyon 1
SIZE:  30 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  At the grand opening of the Playboy Club in Las Vegas, we brought 16 models with us to party and shoot in various locations, including Red Rock Canyon.  Mary and Marisa Matthews were my partners in crime during the week we were there, staying in an adjoining sweet to ours, which was one of the Sky Villas, with the private swimming pool overhanging the balcony.  We stayed directly below the 2 top Sky Villas, with Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends staying in the top suite, and his daughter Christie staying in the one directly below his.  We were below Christie's.  Cameras followed us around as much as Hef, because we had 16 gorgeous models with us.  Mary and Marisa and I tool  a car out to Red Rock to shoot, and there were unfortunately too many hikers there to shoot nudes.  I still LOVE these photos.  They are some of my favorites I've ever shot.  Mary is tiny, but she is a firecracker made of muscle and curves.  Her exotic, gorgeous face will hypnotize anyone.  She's an all-time favorite of JuicyMag.

ADDED:  September 18, 2019
MODEL:  Alair Lomman
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Border Patrol 1
SIZE:  59 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Alair is an ex-gymnast, and she proved it by walking around on her hands like she could do it all day.  Once we started shooting, we could see that this mega-fit mother of 4 had the kind of body that is built for fun.  She's literally only 4'8" tall!!  The ultimate spinner MILF!  With a great set of fake boobs, and the juiciest bubble butt you can imagine, we had some real fun shooting her.  This is just set 1, and we only included one of the full topless shots here.  There is LOTS more to come, and we'll post another set next week that shows more skin.

ADDED:  September 17, 2019
MODEL:  Charity Hodges
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Camo Pants 1a
SIZE:  8 photos, 2048 x 3072 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  One of our Patrons pointed out that there were a few images missing from Part 1 of the Charity Hodges Camo Pants gallery, so I had to go back and look to see why I had omitted them.  Unfortunately, they were a little out of focus, especially when looking at them at full resolution, so I had not included them in the original set published here.  I will add them here in this set 1a, along with 3 of the images that were going to be in Set 2.  Yes, Charity was topless in the studio, and I did capture some nip slips in this gallery, so consider this a sneak preview of Part 2!

ADDED:  September 15, 2019
MODEL:  Scarlet Begonias
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Border Patrol 2
SIZE:  84 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Here's the 2nd set of the ultra gorgeous, all natural beauty, Scarlet, in her tactical gear (and out of it!).  She gets totally nude for our cameras, and displays a body that is just so sexy, so curvy and so delicious that it has to be seen to believe.  She's fairly new to the modeling world, but already has almost 70,000 followers on Instagram, and climbing every day.  Wait until you see the sexy video we shot of Miss Scarlet!

ADDED:  September 11, 2019
MODEL:  Raquel Gibson
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  White Lace 1
SIZE:  27 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Playboy Playmate Raquel Gibson has the face of an angel and the body of a goddess.  Younger sister of CJ Gibson, she's one of the prettiest girls Playboy has ever featured.

ADDED:  September 11, 2019
MODEL:  CJ Gibson
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Black Panties 1
SIZE:  39 photos, 1000 x 1500 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  CJ Gibson, sister of Playboy Playmate Raquel Gibson, came to the studio to shoot for an online casino and sportsbook, so we decided to shoot some fun stuff at the end.  CJ is definitely at the very top as far as our favorite models to photograph.  Her exotic and stunningly beautiful face and incredibly fit and gorgeous body just makes it so easy on the photographer.  CJ is a 10 in our book.

ADDED:  September 10, 2019
MODEL:  Megan
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  33 photos, 1000 x 1500 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Here's Part 2 of Megan H. in a friend's kitchen, having a glass of very expensive wine.  We've photographed countless nude models over the years, and Megan has some of the most perfect enhanced breasts we've seen.  They are just perfect!  What a pretty girl, incredible body, and those boobs!  My God!  Nipple perfection!

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