We will feature the work of other photographers and models with whom we have not yet worked starting in January 2020.  You'll find sample galleries here, and links to more of their work.  We will also, at times, feature more of their beautiful photos inside our members-only area.  We hope that you will check out these Spotlight artists.  We love their work, and think you will too!

Our first Spotlight artist is another Florida photographer who is based out of south Florida, Glamour305.  Here is his Bio:

"My profession is as an Aerospace Engineer.  Photography has always been a passion of mine.  I've been photographing since the days of film with a Canon AE-1.  I had my own dark room, and developed my own Black and White film and prints.  Then, as digital was starting, I bought a Canon 20D back in 2005.  Learning how to shoot with film gave me a true understanding of photography and light, and how to develop my eye.  One thing I learned is that, no know matter how technically proficient you are, if you don't develop an eye, your images are not photographs, but snap shots.

The transition from film to digital was easy for me.  Nowadays, anybody with a digital camera believes their a photographer, because they can see the image in the back of a camera.  With film, you shot and bracketed, and as you developed experience and an understanding of light, and learned how to burn and dodge in the dark room, your were good to go.  Remember, there was no Photoshop yet.  Photography is an art when your in the dark room, and now its just a few click in Photoshop. 

I enjoy working with models doing swimsuit, glamour, and artistic nudes.  I enjoy shooting on the beach, or just outdoors with models.  I always scout out a location before a shoot, make a plan and shoot.  I do enjoy shooting in the studio though, setting up the lights and backdrops.  My favorite location to shoot is South Florida.

I'm also a Certified Scuba Diver and under water photographer.  I wanted to take my photography to another level, and that I did.  I enjoy the challenges underwater photography brings.  My favorite subject matter to shoot is sharks.  I enjoy diving with them and photographing them.  I've swum with and photographed:  Tigers, Hammerheads, Reef and also cage dived with Great White Sharks!"

You can view more of Glamour305's work on his Model Mayhem page.  Any models down in south Florida should set up a shoot with him!

Click here to view Glamour305

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