ADDED:  February 11, 2020
MODEL:  Erika Jacobs
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Jeans Skirt 3
SIZE:  27 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  The gorgeous, all natural, fit, blonde beauty is back in set 3 of 4 of her first ever topless shoot, and she even pulls down her panties to almost reveal everything.  Such a tease!  Erika became a very good friend, and she was along for many fun nights in Tampa.  We shot these fun photos in an abandoned, dilapidated building in historic Ybor City, just outside downtown Tampa, on Erika's 20th birthday. 

ADDED:  February 4, 2020
MODEL:  Samantha Harris
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Robo Weld 1
SIZE:  27 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  I was reminded of shooting this gorgeous redhead yesterday, so I thought she'd be a nice addition in a sea of blondes and brunettes.  Her exquisitely fit physique is covered in sexy freckles.  Her beautiful face features some of the prettiest crystal blue eyes you've ever seen, and a smile to melt your heart.  Her light red hair is long and flowing.  She's the total package, and won most of the bikini contests she competed in around the state of Florida.  While I never photographed her topless or nude, she was a Playboy Cyber Girl, and those photos are highly recommended,  This is box 1 of 2, no topless or nudes in this gallery.

ADDED:  February 2, 2020
MODEL:  Claudia
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  White Stockings 1
SIZE:  40 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Our good friend, the flexible Latina, Claudia, has never looked better than in the photos in this gallery.  Her body is as fit as ever, and this type of outfit does her body good.  She's definitely in our Hall of Fame with our other favorite models.  We shot with her over several years, and even took her to Atlantic City to shoot with Tyler Stevens in the presidential suite of Caesar's Palace.  This is set 1 of 4 of the White Stockings gallery, and shows a bit of topless content at the end of the set.  More topless and total nudes, including some very revealing poses, in future sets.

ADDED:  January 30, 2020
MODEL:  Emily Caprice
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Forklift 2
SIZE:  38 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  In set 2 of the Forklift gallery, Emily gets totally topless, stripping out of her t-shirt, revealing her spectacular breasts.  She worked really hard to perfect her fit, yet curvy, body in the gym in south Florida, and it really showed.  Flat tummy, bubble butt, super sexy all around.  Emily accompanied us on a cruise to the Bahamas to shoot for True Sin Clothing Co., which was fun too.  It's always fun to shoot a model who enjoys taking her clothes off! 

ADDED:  January 30, 2020
MODEL:  Emily Caprice
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Forklift 1
SIZE:  38 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  This gallery is from the second shoot Emily and I did together, and took place in a big warehouse setting, with workers going about their business.  Emily was fearless, and I didn't seem to notice any of the workers stopping to stare too long.  Crazy.  I would have dropped whatever I was doing, and stood there gawking if I saw a gorgeous girl like Emily getting naked in front of me!  This is set 1 of 4 in the Forklift gallery.  You're getting a double dose of Emily Caprice today, updating with set 1 and set 2 back-to-back!

ADDED:  January 28, 2020
MODEL:  Darlene Silva aka Tyra Lex
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Tropical 1
SIZE:  35 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION: Darlene Silva, aka Tyra Lex, is a very fit, very spicy Latina who flew to Florida from Germany to shoot with us at a friend's 6000 square foot mansion in Tampa.  She shows off her insane body and huge fake boobs in this wet set by the pool.  Those nipples may actually have machine guns installed, so if you see Darlene turn into a Fembot, don't be surprised.  We enjoyed her oiled up body, and very limited English, in all the galleries we shot.

ADDED:  January 26, 2020
MODEL:  CJ & Raquel Gibson
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Sisters in Lingerie
SIZE:  38 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  I can't begin to tell you how much fun it is to shoot not just one incredibly gorgeous mixed Asian model, but two at the same time.  AND they are sisters!  Some of the most famous sisters ever to model for photographers' cameras, the Gibson sisters are two of the most beautiful creatures to ever pose.  Younger sister, Raquel, went on to pose for Playboy magazine, becoming the November 2005 Playboy Playmate.  I was always surprised that they didn't make CJ a Playmate also.  She had a bit more of an exotic look, and was more of a fitness model.  They are both at the very tip top of my favorite models I ever photographed.  In this shoot just outside the studio doors, CJ and Raquel dressed in matching lingerie sets.  CJ in an off white color, and Raquel in pink.  While there is no nudity in this gallery, it's still sexy as hell.  Earlier in the shoot, we had them in a pillow fight, which was a ton of fun.  Who do you like better, CJ or Raquel?

ADDED:  January 24, 2020
MODEL:  Sherri Gulley
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Bearskin 2
SIZE:  30 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Looking back, we skipped ahead in this gallery when we released the Bearskin 1 set of photos.  These are the first images in the gallery, with the gorgeous Sherri Gulley starting out dressed in a very pretty matching lace bra and panties set.  We will release this gallery in order now, with Bearskin 3 starting where this set leaves off.  Sherri always looks delicious, whether in or out of clothes, and her all over tan is always stunning against her muscled, fit body.  Sherri is our favorite star of Texas, transplanted to the Sunshine State of Florida.

ADDED:  January 22, 2020
MODEL:  Mary Alejo
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  The Hitchhiker
SIZE:  30 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  We had come down from the hills of Red Rock Canyon, me, Marisa Matthews and Mary Alejo, as it was beginning to get dark.  Sun was setting, and we didn't have a lot of light left, but decided to get a few more photos on the road as cars drove by.  We shot Mary as The Hitchhiker, and then Marisa played the same role.  Fun times in Las Vegas!  This gallery doesn't show any nudity, but you can clearly see Mary's gorgeous dark nipples through her tiny bikini top.  What a sexy model she is.

ADDED:  January 20, 2020
MODEL:  CJ Gibson
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Black Panties 2
SIZE:  30 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  CJ Gibson is back in part 2 of the Black Panties gallery.  Is there anyone more exotic and gorgeous, with an ultra fit body, than CJ?  We started shooting the Gibson sisters when they were working at a wing joint in the Tampa Bay area, and were just out of high school.  They were stunners from the start.  Clients were throwing money at me to shoot these perfect specimens for their companies, products, etc.  This was a fun time in the studio, with CJ bopping around topless, knowing good and well that she was a 10.  We have a couple more sets in this gallery, with more of the same sexiness and implied topless images throughout.


ADDED:  January 15, 2020
MODEL:  Janet Layug
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  19 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Whenever one views the unbelievably gorgeous, Janet Layug, sparks will most definitely fly!  At least you'll see them!  Janet is, simply put, one of the most beautiful women on planet earth.  This exotic, part Asian hottie is also an IFBB pro bikini competitor, winning many contests around the world against other fitness and bikini models.  To top it all off, she's southern charm sweet, like peach cobbler.  If you know of a prettier total package than Janet Layug, I want to see her! 


ADDED:  January 13, 2020
MODEL:  Erika J
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Swimming Pool 2
SIZE:  30 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Our friend, Erika, was just a fresh faced young college student when we first photographed her nude, her first ever topless or nude shoot.  We had already hung out with her, hired her to bartend at a private event, and knew we had to get her in front of the camera.  Regretfully, we never shot any topless or nude video of her, but we do have a couple of sexy cell phone videos of her dancing and being hot.  Might have to dig those up and add them to the website.  Here is part 2 of 4 of the Swimming Pool gallery of our cute, natural, blonde friend.


ADDED:  January 12, 2020
MODEL:  Mindy Vega
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  45 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  She's petite.  She's fit.  She's exotic.  She's the lusty Latina, Mindy Vega!  We shot these on the grounds of a friend's oceanfront house in Marathon Key, just a few miles south of Key West.  We were staying there with Crissy Moran, and Mindy drove down from Miami to shoot and go out at night during Fantasy Fest in Key West.  What a blast having that pair of popular and gorgeous adult stars to enjoy for an entire weekend!  Mindy and Crissy sure did draw a crowd wherever we went.  There was much flashing going on.  Those 2 girls were not at all shy showing their fans why they had such popular adult websites.  This set is pretty tame, with Mindy taking off her tube top to reveal her perfect smallish breasts and all over tan.  She is the true definition of a spinner.  The second part of the Jeans gallery will show a LOT more of Mindy. 


ADDED:  January 10, 2020
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Glamour305 Feature
SIZE:  30 photos, 3744 x 5616 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  When we first discovered Glamour305 on Model Mayhem, we were instantly drawn to his images of the gorgeous, sexy and all natural Sam.  As the only photographer who has ever photographed this hot Jersey girl nude, he's so graciously offered to let us feature his work with Sam inside the Official Members Area of on our Patreon page.

We highly recommend any models in south Florida to book a shoot with Glamour305, and to our Patrons, go check out his amazing work!  Glamour305 is a phenomenally talented photographer, and shoots GORGEOUS models we would love to someday photograph.

ADDED:  January 8, 2020
MODEL:  Dina Al-Sabah
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  34 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Dina is the most gorgeous woman to ever come out of the Middle East.  She's a rebel, bucking the system where women are subjugated, and defying her detractors by showing off her absolutely perfect body.  She was a princess in Kuwait, a real life part of the royal family.  She and her  left the country, never to return.  Dina went on to become a fitness magazine cover model, and was one of the top figure competitors in the Miss Olympia contest.  She's been a good friend for over 20 years.  These were shot when she lived in the D.C. area, in her huge home.  This set doesn't contain any topless or nudes, but you can see what an amazing body this gorgeous woman has.  We love Dina, and so will you.  This is part 1 of 2 sets in the Chair gallery.  Part 2 contains implied topless and nip slips.

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