ADDED:  January 5, 2020
MODEL:  Emilia Carpinisan
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  34 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  If you like blondes, then you will love Emilia Carpinisan.  She's a Swedish bombshell that we brought over to the USA to shoot, and she was the exact blonde girl you'd hope to meet from Sweden.  Stunning face with gorgeous eyes and a lush set of lips.  Cute little bubble butt, and a great set of breasts with very light pink nipples.  She went out dancing with our big group of models, and every man in the club was staring.  She's a 10.  This is the 2nd set of 2 in the Cabana gallery.

ADDED:  January 3, 2020
MODEL:  Lux Kassidy
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  38 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  This is part 2 of the Pool gallery, and features the gorgeous Penthouse Pet, Lux Kassidy, totally nude in the balcony pool of our suite in the Fantasy Tower of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.  Her sexy blue eyes stare at you as she shows off her perfect nude body.  She's tall, fit and blonde, if you like that type of girl...haha!  While her breasts are augmented, they are not large.  Just a nice c-cup that fits her body perfectly.  How about those perfect nipples?  Want to jump in the pool with her?

ADDED:  January 2, 2020
MODEL:  Charity Hodges
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Wood Floor 2
SIZE:  36 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Happy New Year everyone!  I thought we'd start out the New Year right with part 2 of the Wood Floor gallery, showing Miss Charity Hodges and her spectacularly perfect body nearly completely nude, wearing just a tiny little g-string and nothing else.  These are some of the hottest implied nudes you'll ever see anywhere, and Charity is like the unicorn for many glamour collectors around the globe.  There is very little content of Charity, and even less that shows as much as this gallery does.  Look for the hot nipple slips that are part of this gallery!

ADDED:  December 30, 2019
MODEL:  Sherri Gulley
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  On the Bay 1
SIZE:  33 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Sherri is back in a never before published gallery of the sexiest 40+ model we know, wearing a skimpy bikini on the Bay.  Her perfect body is looking incredible in these shots, taken right after sunset.  Check out those abs!  Sherri is always rocking the fittest body, which all of us love.  This is set 1 of 2 of this bikini-only gallery.

ADDED:  December 23, 2019
MODEL:  Emily Caprice
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Christmas 2
SIZE:  30 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Emily is back to help you hang your stockings with care!  This little Santa's helper has the nicest set of breasts this side of your North Pole!  Rudolf wants to drive her sleigh tonight!  Don't you?  Emily strips out of her sexy Santa's helper outfit, showing all you good little boys her spectacular Christmas ornaments just in time for the holidays!  These are huge 2000 x 3000 pixel photos, perfect for zooming in to see her gorgeous face and incredible body up close and personal.  This is box 2 of 3 of the Christmas gallery.

ADDED:  December 21, 2019
MODEL:  Claudia
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  24 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  This was the last gallery we shot on this day, and Claudia felt like taking a shower would cool her off a bit.  After all, she's a spicy hot Latina!  She's totally nude in this set, from the first to the last image.  She tries hiding her goodies with her hands, but quickly realizes that's not going to help.  We need to see all of her!  Some of the shots from the rear, with the water blasting off her lower back and butt, are very steamy!  This is set 1 of 2 of this gallery.

ADDED:  December 18, 2019
MODEL:  Marisa Matthews
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Pink Skirt 1
SIZE:  35 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Such an amazing body on one of our all time favorite blonde models, Marisa Matthews.  Could this skirt be any shorter, revealing her gorgeous, athletic legs?  No one knows what became of Marisa.  She completely disappeared off the Internet.  You simply cannot find her anywhere in social media by any name she's ever gone by.  Did she get married, and want to leave her modeling career behind?  We don't know.  We used to be very close to Marisa, but we lost touch several years ago.  One thing is for certain.  We still dream about Marisa to this day.
She's that uniquely gorgeous.  Literally no one looks like her.  When we discovered her on either One Model Place or Model Mayhem back in 2006, we were instantly mesmerized.  We brought her in for a calendar shoot, and the rest is history.  Our time with Marisa only lasted a few short years, but our memories will last a lifetime!  This is set 1 of 3 of this gallery, with some nipple slips coming in future sets.

ADDED:  December 16, 2019
MODEL:  Mandy Lee
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Balcony 2
SIZE:  26 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Florida hottie Mandy Lee in one of her very, very rare nude galleries.  She was wearing her hair darker than her normally blonde locks giving her a totally different look.  Another one of our models, Emily Caprice, surprised us on a shoot in the Bahamas once with dark hair.  We photographed Mandy on the balcony of an expensive condo overlooking downtown Tampa, and you have to wonder if anyone caught a glimpse of her naked body while we were shooting.  This is set 2 of 3 of this gallery, and it includes a couple of funny outtakes with Mandy.

ADDED:  December 13, 2019
MODEL:  Claudia
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  26 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  We shot these after flying from Tampa to Atlantic City, NJ, to stay in the presidential suite at Caesar's Palace casino on the boardwalk.  Tyler Stevens flew with us, as we were the guest of a friend who is a whale at the casinos.  This gallery doesn't show as much of Claudia as some of our other galleries do, but she still looks very sexy, all wet and bubbly in the huge tub in the suite.  She starts off in the tub wearing a cute matching bra and panties outfit, and after caressing her beautiful body with the bubbly water, she reveals her newly augmented breasts.

ADDED:  December 12, 2019
MODEL:  Jordan
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Nude Beach 1
SIZE:  45 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Funny story behind the creation of this gallery.  The sexy Latina, Jordan, said that she knew of a nude beach in Miami that we could go to and shoot some sexy photos.  After driving around for an hour, we finally found the beach.  We parked, and our crew of 3 plus Jordan started making our way through a sea of people lying about on their towels.  It was packed.  We got about halfway to the water, and I realized I had not seen a single female in the hundreds of nude people at the beach.  Yes, it was a nude beach for gay men!  No one payed us any attention once we started shooting these photos of Jordan making her way into the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  From down the beach, we noticed a very muscular, freakishly well hung black man walking toward us.  He got up to the shoot, and just stood there watching us do our thing for about 5 minutes before walking off.  You can't tell from the angle of all the shots, but there are literally hundreds of people around us. 

ADDED:  December 10, 2019
MODEL:  Erika
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Bombshell
SIZE:  35 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  A good friend and I had a t-shirt company a few years ago, and this is one of our designs.  Erika certainly fit the part as a bombshell in my eyes.  There was just something so uniquely innocent and sexy at the same time about Erika, shown here at 20-years-old.  At this stage in her life, she was still 100% all natural, with gorgeous long blonde hair, not a lot of makeup ever, a very naturally fit body, perfect little breasts, a cut booty, a dimple in the center of her chin, kissable lips and a great smile.  Am I a bit obsessed?  Maybe.  Should you be?  Absolutely.  Join today to see all of Erika ;-)

ADDED:  December 9, 2019
MODEL:  Yasmine
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  45 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Yasmine is a sexy yoga instructor with a really fit body that she loves to show off.  With a dazzling smile and blue eyes, this brunette will melt your heart and harden your...well, you know!  This is set 1 of 2 in the New York gallery, and contains topless images.  Part 2 has full nudity. 

ADDED:  December 7, 2019
MODEL:  Jana Defi
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
SIZE:  40 photos, 800 x 1200 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Jana Defi, the Czech all natural beauty with the biggest breasts we've ever photographed, looks sexy in her black lace panties and low cut pink top.  She's relaxing in a hammock, and pulls the top down below her enormous boobs to reveal the most amazing curves this side of the old Iron Curtain.  Can you imagine having those to play with every night.  My God!  Are they too big?  I don't know.  They sure look delicious!

ADDED:  December 5, 2019
MODEL:  Emily Caprice
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Holidays 1
SIZE:  40 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  Happy Holidays to all our fans, members and subscribers!  We hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday season, no matter what your religious beliefs may be.  Let's kick off the holiday spirit with a sexy little Santa's helper, Emily Caprice!  There is no nudity in this set, so we will post another set that is a bit more revealing before Santa arrives.  Look for that in the next 3 weeks!  We hope Emily doesn't get cold at the North Pole as she helps Santa get all the toys ready for the girls and boys around the world! 

ADDED:  December 3, 2019
MODEL:  Casey Luckey
CONTENT:  Photo Gallery
GALLERY NAME:  Blue Bikini
SIZE:  39 photos, 2000 x 3000 pixels

DESCRIPTION:  You've seen Casey in several Hooters calendars over the past few years, and she's competed on the state at the Hooters International competition too.  She was in a Hooters TV commercial with Jon Gruden a couple years ago, and she's just as sweet in person as she looks in photos.  What a rockin' body she has, with a cute bubble butt and great abs.  She and Janet Layug are all time favorites who both came from the Lakeland Hooters stores.

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