On the Cover

May 2012 Cover Model, Maya Codina

Maya Codina is a natural beauty with few equals. Her smoky eyes and bee stung lips, combined with her petite and curvacious body, will keep you spellbound.
Images: 58
Style: Bikini
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Week 1 Model

Week 1 Model Jordan
Jordan's back with more hot and sexy images from South Beach. This time, we shot her with a vintage Mustang with its top down. Jordan went topless too!
Images: 47
Style: Glamour
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Week 2 Model

Week 2 Model Emilia
Emilia was photographed in a Palms Casino Sky Villa the weekend of the Playboy Club grand opening.
Images: 129
Style: Glamour
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Week 3 Model

Week 3 Model Ammy
Ammy was photographed in an old fishing village in Miami that is popular with photographers worldwide.
Images: 41
Style: Glamour
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Week 4 Model

Week 4 Model Raquel Gibson
Raquel Gibson is one of the most exotic and beautiful models on the planet, and shooting this Playboy Playmate is always a fun experience.
Images: 54
Style: Glamour
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June 2012 JuicyMag featuring cover model Maya Codina

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